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ShareTheCosts lets you keep track of expenses in a group and lets you define who profited from a given payment. With STC you always know who payed more or less and saves you the hassle of having to back-track through all your expenses after a trip or when living in an appartement with other people.

You are going on a holiday with your friends, and one of you payed the bike rent, while another bought some food.
Or you are often eating out with your buddies and you don't want to split the bill each time.

There's bound to be a discussion about who payed what and when, no matter how reasonable you are.

Only two out of three people needed to rent a bike, but the third one (A) was the only one with money. So A pays for the bike rent, but B and C profit from it. Now B and C both owe A (half of the bike rent, in fact). Thus, A has a positive balance, while B and C might consider getting some cash and paying for lunch.


New in version 1.0.0:

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