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A simple youtubeAPP.

In future updates will be added new features.

v0.2.4 Diappear play/pause control and improved  player's bar. - only Beta testers.

if you are beta tester, you should prepare to webos doctor. I want to solve the bug that cause that Lunetube opens all urls.
follow this steps.
1 .- Uninstall Lunetube.
2 .- Reboot
3 .- Open all kinds of links: phone, webs, mail, map.... etc.
4 .- Reboot
5 .- install Lunette latest version and try open links.

v0.2.9 Beta
- Extending the touch range in the video slider (fixed to touch).
- It is possible to get complete playlist when they are over 50 playlists.
- Some bug fixes.

v0.3.0 Beta
- Fix error when send any searchinng (faltal error).

- Hide keyboar when searching for is ended.

previous webos,lueos and andoird versions in the follow link.

v0.4.0 Beta
- Added Support for bluetooth headsets.
- Deactivated enyo resized to improve the user experience.
- Some bug fixes.

- Backgorund playing test inital for webos.

follow this steps. Play any video, then pause video and send LuneTube to background(Minimize or press home button).

Enjoy and let me your feed back.

v0.4.1 Beta

- Play automatically when paste youtube link (Just Type webos)
- Bug Fixed on menu paste option for text on webos devices
- Improve video playing on video restricted
- Search updates automatically
- Other minors bug fixes

v0.5.0 Beta
See changelog in webosnation

Android version in the next link.

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Category: Multimedia

Updated: June 5, 2017

Version: 0.5.1

Size: 3M

License: Apache 2

Compatibility: Requires webOS 2.2.4 or later. Compatible with LuneOS.

Type: Application

Feed: pivotCE