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v1.0.10 brings icing and freezing weather features, revamped SIGMET/AIRMET selections, "Select All" flight log feature, flight log sorting feature, plus several cleanups and updates. Enjoy! Doug

v1.0.7 released brings some fixes and additional compliance with the Palm Catalog requirements

v1.0.6 brings the FlightBriefer version in sync with the PalmCatalog submission version. Bug fixes and better handling of functions that need the navdata db but where the navdata db has not been downloaded yet

We are proud to release FlightBriefer version 1.0.4.

Minor updates to app menus for (eventual) Palm catalog inclusion. Additionally, updates to the log entry functions to enable easier log entry. Tested on Pixi resolutions. Lastly, added list scroll fading as an indicator of lists that extend beyond the screen. Enjoy!

We are proud to release FlightBriefer version 1.0.2.

We have made MANY updates and changes since 0.1.6 - too many to list here. Feedback/comments appreciated!

Notable additions in v1.0.2 include: more DUATS integration, radically updated flight log (now in sync with FlightLog's functionality), and several new weather links.

NOTE: You MUST delete your old version FIRST, then install the new version. This is REQUIRED.

WARNING: As a result of the install, your existing flight log WILL NOT be preserved. So, record any entries you desire to retain prior to the re-install process. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.

New features:


Existing Features:


A SourceForge.net page has been created for tracking bugs and feature requests - please don't be shy!


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