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v1.0.7 provides homebrew users with a version of Flightlog that is in sync with the latest from the Palm catalog. Included new features: sorting of log entries, "select all" option. v1.0.7 brings FlightLog in sync with FlightBriefer v1.0.10 (also on homebrew). Enjoy! Doug

v1.0.3 provides some minor updates for compliance with Palm Catalog requirements.

v1.0.2 brings Flightlog in sync with the PalmCatalog submission version. Minor bug fixes and adjustments needed for the submission.

v0.8.0 brings Flightlog in sync with FlightBriefer

Numerous fixes and enhancements - check it out

Appreciate any and all feedback!

Due to popular request, David and I have pulled out the flight log functionality from our FlightBriefer application.

FlightLog is an aviators flight logging utility. It has the exact same functionally as the flight log feature in our FlightBriefer application.

While its still an early version, FlightLog has a fairly robust set of logging fields:

We dont have backup/restore features yet - so be aware of that. However, we would really appreciate feedback if we are on the right track with the logging fields - are we missing any key ones?




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Updated: February 9, 2010

Version: 1.0.7

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