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Golf Caddie is now available via the Palm App Catalog both in Trial and Full version.

Golf Caddie is a golf scoring application that also has GPS range finder (ala sky caddy) capabilites for webOS. It uses the existing course data provided by, a free golf gps application for Blackberry users. This application comes with many features such as: Create players with their current handicap, create and add courses locally from the database. Courses can be added by name or within x miles of your current location. New courses can be can be added at the website. Once you have players and courses in the application you can start a round of golf and keep scoring for up to four players. You can decided to play 18 holes or 9 holes, the front 9 first or the back 9 first. Scoring keeps track of shots, putts, GIR (done automatically) and fairways hit, FH. The score will also keep track of your current score to par.

GPS data is also available (if available on the course data from and can be viewed for each hole quite easily. Distances normally show front, center and back of green as well as up to 5 additional items of interest. Golf Caddie will also suggest which club to use to the front, center and back of the green when in range. This is based upon the clubs in your bag (defined under preferences) and the min/max distance for each club.

Once a round is complete a full scoring card can be seen for each player. The round can be saved and previous rounds can be viewed.

Future features that will be added to the app are some of the following:

Licensing conditions: This application is available for free whilst it is in Beta realse, but cannot be redistributed, and the source code is not open source. This application is being submitted to the Pre App Store and will be available to purchase at that time.

Installation: No special instructions are required, the app should install/delete like most other homebrew apps using the SDK method.

Playing instructions:

The GPS may take some time to settle so please allow for this time before playing your shot.

A special thanks goes out to the developer at www.bbgpsgolf for allowing me access to the course data and for being available to modify his APIs.


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Updated: February 9, 2010

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