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This application was ported from freely-available code available at www (The JavaScript Source), and was originally written by Mike McGrath (, .

Free Blackjack icon provided by www (ArtPoker).

Ported to the Palm Pre and WebOS by vreihen, and released into the public domain just like the original base code that was used.

Original author and porting individual not responsible for any damages caused by using this program. Please don't Play and Drive!

I had posted a quick & dirty version of this into another section of this forum a few days ago, in response to an inquiry from someone about how long it would take to port freely-available JavaScript apps like this one. Since then, I Mojo-ized it for easier use on a handheld phone, and cleaned up the code so that it's more in line with how Palm apparently wants packages laid out.

The only improvement that I have planned is to add an "about" screen to the app pull-down menu, crediting the original sources of the application code and icon file.

It should be noted that Sprint won't sell me a Pre to test this on, so I'd appreciate it if someone could post here if it works properly on actual phone hardware. The package doesn't contain binaries or anything that's likely to brick a phone, and I don't anticipate any problems since it runs fine on virtual hardware.

The original source wasn't the fanciest game out there, but it does play Blackjack. If someone else wants to add pictures of cards and display both players' hands, feel free to build on this head-start.....


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Category: Games

Updated: February 9, 2010

Version: 0.2.21

Size: 7k

Type: Application

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