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A basic app to download the latest gmail and yahoo mail SSL certificates.  This is needed because the webOS email app cannot automatically trust the new SHA256-encoded SSL certificates.

Just press Download, and the app will download the new certificates, remove the old ones, and add the new ones.


Note: this app requires Jason R's Homebrew Javascript Service Framework from Preware. If it is not installed, it will appear to hang when you tap download, as the service fails to start (eventually the request should time out, but the card can be safely tossed away).  If you already have Internalz Pro installed, then you already have that package also.  I haven't figured out how to add the dependency to the IPK yet, using the packager I need to use to build it.


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Seller: grabber5.0@gmail.com

Homepage: http://www.fordmaverick.com/GrabberSoftware

Category: Utilities

Updated: October 8, 2017

Version: 0.5.8

Size: 37k

License: IDK

Compatibility: Requires webOS 2.1.0 or later. Not compatible with LuneOS.

Type: Application

Feed: pivotCE