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*** Initial Preware release updates the TMDB API to newest version.  There may still be a few bugs - please report them in the app thread if you find any.  There are a few quirks in the new API that cause unusual sorting by title.  Also adds limited TV show support - if an actor has been in a TV show(s), the will be listed along with movie results, and overview information for the show is displayed on the details page.  More to come including season and episode lists, episode guest stars, etc. ***   Movie DB aims to be your comprehensive resource for movie and actor information. All of the information is gathered from the free and open website, (TMDb). The information is community driven so feel free to setup an account and add, edit or correct information. Current Features include Search for Movies, Cast or Crew, and Browse for Movies based on Genre. See detailed information about Movies including: - TMDb rating - IMDB Link or Search Link - Share Menu - Movie Posters & Backdrops - Share Posters & Backdrops via email or MMS, or set as Wallpaper - Movie Overview & Details - Cast & Crew Information, along with links to Cast & Crew Page See detailed information about Cast & Crew including: - IMDB Search Link - Share Menu - Birthdate - Place of Birth - Profile Image - Share Profile via email or MMS, or set as Wallpaper - Biography - Filmography, along with links to Movie Page   ** For webOS 2.0 and above users, JustType has now been added. To add Movie DB to your favorite searches just start typing a search on the homescreen scroll to the bottom and select preferences. Scroll to the Launch and Search section and press more. Select Movie DB as the new search to add and arrange it where you want in the list. Now you can search Movie DB straight from the homescreen. **



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Updated: October 19, 2014

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