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*** Music Player (Remix) is now available for free here on webOSNation due to HP's recent announcement of the webOS app catalog's imminent demise.  Enjoy!!! ****

Music Player (Remix) is the next generation music listening experience on webOS. The goal of the app was to greatly enhance the user experience and allow people to access and manage their music more effectively. A number of features, some truly revolutionary, have been incorporated to help accomplish this goal. Some of them include:

- "Faves" are items you can pin to your home screen for one-touch easy access. They can be songs, albums, artists, genres, playlists, or flylists.

- "Flylists" are playlists you create and manage on-the-fly, on your device. You can now add songs, albums, artists, genres, or playlists to a flylist. And items in a flylist will update dynamically when you add new songs to your device.

- Configuration icons at the top of the screen to force the screen to stay on while using the music app and to lock screen orientation (portrait or landscape).

- Sleep timer configurable on the home screen

- Newly designed "now playing" screen with finger-friendly music controls, scrolling song/artist/album info, and scrubber bar.

- Function icons at the top of the "now playing" screen for returning to the home screen, adding the current song to a flylist or the faves list, viewing lyrics, saving a bookmark, and viewing the current playlist.

- Ability to scrub through the current song from the "current playlist" view.

- Ability to queue up the next song by tapping on an icon next to a song in the "current playlist" view.

- "Playlist Preview Mode" which allows you to swipe the screen left or right to browse your current playlist via the album art without interrupting the playback of the current song. You can also queue up a song to play next by swiping up.

- "Quick artist search": Tapping on the song/artist/album info on the "now playing" screen will bring up the albums of the artist. You can do this in playlist preview mode as well.

- "Universal search": A revolutionary way to quickly find your music by simply typing. Instantly all songs, albums, artists, genres, playlists, and flylists that match your search string will appear on the screen. You can either start a new playlist with one of your search results or tap the "+" icon next to a result to add the item to the current playlist, save it to a flylist, or save it as a fave.

- webOS 2.0 Just Type and Quick Action support (only available in the app catalog version): Find a song, album, artist, genre, playlist, or flylist by typing a search string without having to open the app first. Launch a playlist, flylist, or autolist without having to first open the app.

- Control your music and current playlist via keyboard controls

- "Mini-player": Using webOS's unique notification system in a way never before implemented in a webOS app, you now have complete control over your music while using other apps. You have a scrubber bar, music controls, and the playlist preview controls all of which are configurable by the user. You can also minimize the app into a lightweight mini-player mode which eliminates the main card.

- Wallpaper customization: Assign a custom wallpaper image for Music Player (Remix) or use the one assigned on your device and make the app's card semi-transparent when minimizing it.

- Last.FM scrobbling: Let Music Player (Remix) automatically keep track of your played songs and submit them to Last.FM.

- Advanced manual and automatic bookmarking which include visual indicators on the Now Playing screen of any saved bookmarks within a song, the ability to quickly jump from one bookmark/chapter to another by tapping the next or previous buttons. Also bookmarks are saved automatically in every playlist and flylist so you can resume where you left off in a list.

- Autolists (only available in the app catalog version): Music Player (Remix) will automatically generate playlists based upon certain conditions such as play count and last play date.

- Social Networking Integration: You can post your currently playing song to either Twitter or Facebook. And your followers/friends can view its YouTube video embedded on your page. Other Music Player (Remix) users can view your posted songs on the new Discovery screen.

- Fine-tuned music controls: Tap and hold the album art on the Now Playing screen to reveal controls for skipping forwards or backwards by 5, 30, and 60 seconds. You can also use keyboard shortcuts for the fine-tuned music controls. - Quick shortcuts: Create Launcher shortcuts for your favorite playlists, flylists, autolists (webOS 2.0 only), or albums. Also create shortcuts for auto-resuming and shuffling your music.

- Album Art Downloading (only available in the app catalog version):  Download album art on the newly designed album song list screen and assign it to every track in that album.

- Karaoke Mode (conly available in the app catalog version): Record yourself as you sing along to your favorite songs.  View the lyrics of the song while recording to make sure you don't miss a beat.

- Custom Now Playing gestures (only available in the app catalog version):  Assign custom actions when swiping up or down on the Now Playing screen's album art.

To learn more about the app catalog version, here's a demonstration video:

I hope everyone enjoys using the app and will come by the PreCentral homebrew thread to share feedback with me.


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Updated: October 16, 2014

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