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With this tool, you can use your WebOS device as a remote control for presentation software - actually, all applications that accept keyboard events to do something meaningful.

Changed in 1.0.8/9: Bugfix for keepalive code

Changed in 1.0.7: Added a keepalive option and added the ESC key for OSX and Windows (server update required to make use of it).

Changed in 1.0.6: Preferences for key mappings are now saved between starts.

Changed in 1.0.5: Implemented cursor keys (You need to update the server application to use this). Volume rocker key mapping now configurable.

Changed in 1.0.4: On-screen buttons are now configurable in the preferences menu.

Changed in 1.0.3: The "Enter" key on the keyboard can now be used. There is now a configurable "forward swipe" action.

Changed in 1.0.2: Can now use virtual COM ports for bluetooth connection. You must upgrade the server software if you upgrade this app!

It currently works for Windows PCs (tested with XP and 7), Linux (Ubuntu), and (in some cases) on Mac OS X.

This software has a client and a server part:

The server software can be found at the developer homepage at (Downloads tab).


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Category: Productivity

Updated: March 18, 2012

Version: 1.0.9

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License: Public Domain Source

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