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Where do you want to Go To? http://gototool.com

Go To Tool (v1.2.0) http://developer.palm.com/webChannel/index.php?packageid=com.longbeachit.gototool
Go To Tool Lite (v1.2.0) http://developer.palm.com/webChannel/index.php?packageid=com.longbeachit.gototoollite
Go To Tool Demo (v1.3.1) http://developer.palm.com/appredirect/?packageid=com.longbeachit.gototooldemo&applicationid=1235

This is Demo. Expires 1 Apr 2010. Go To Tool is a paid webOS application for creating, sharing, managing and finding GPS locations.

Go To Tool Lite VERSION 1.3.6 *****

- Keyboard shortcuts for Saved detail and Saved Logs scenes.
- Added capability to send Tweet.
- Added Log sub-menu.
- Added Prefs for Twitter account.
- Added keyboard shortcut to Tweet Find.
- Fixed import bug when no attributes found.
- Added Preferences for Map Tile Source.

Go To Tool Lite VERSION 1.3.6 *****

Go To Tool Lite VERSION 1.3.4 *****

- Added Go To Tool Message Manager.
- Render history trail connected.
- On import store available, archived.
- In map view color waypoints by found, available, archived.
- In map view, tap popup indicates found, not available, archived.
- In Go To scene, Saved Detail, Saved Hint and Saved Logs: Header indicates found, not available, archived.
- In Go To scene added keyboard shortcuts.
- In Quick Waypoint scene added accuracy warning with increasing accuracy settings for request.
- In Quick Waypoint scene added countdown scrim to show when GPS Fix request will timeout.
- Adjusted all scenes to send this.controller.window to all Mojo.Controller.errorDialog calls.
- Fixed bug stopping tracking after import with false toggle on.
- Quick Waypoint- when saved persists to map and database. Auto-close after 'save' or 'send'.

Go To Tool Lite VERSION 1.3.4 *****

-Now with full-screen map and tappable location indicators.
-Import gpx trails.
-This version includes alerts and notifications for any type of waypoint.

-GPS most accurate outdoors
-Compass only works when moving with good GPS signal

-Opens on launch
-Quickly tag as Car, Metro, Hotel, Other
-Save or Send by email
-Tap list to open location in Go To mode

-Openstreetmap on top
-Distance-sorted list below

***GO TO
-Needle points to location
-AS YOU MOVE, compass dial shows North
-Distance and Name in header
-Send location via Email or Messaging

-In Go To scene
-Sat opens satellite view at maximum zoom
-Nav opens driving directions from current location

-Mark where you are or want to go
-Pre-populates the coordinates
-Optional name and description
-Enter any coordinates from web, tour guide, etc

-Many sources (see GoToTool.com): bike trails, wineries, landmarks, geocaches, etc.
-Select Import from List View Menu
-Use 'USB Drive' to put *.loc or *.gpx files on device
-Opens gpx files downloaded in browser

***NOTIFICATIONS (not in Lite)
-Available when using other apps
-Map & List notification: nearest location, direction, distance, 50x50 pixel 'point' map of many
-Go To notification: name, description, distance, heading dial, direction arrow
-Updated as you move

-Shows with Sat, Nav or Detail from Go To
-Go To Go To Alert (not in Lite) shows from other app within your customized alert distance
-Stays below other app to show name, description, distance, heading dial, direction arrow

-Test your GPS.

-Go To: buttons for Geocaching.com Detail and Log View
-Add Waypoint: Near button opens Geocaching.com nearest caches


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Seller: markpowers

Homepage: http://www.webosnation.com/go-tool-demo-1

Category: Location And Travel

Updated: March 11, 2010

Version: 1.3.6

Size: 1M

License: Closed Source

Type: Application

Feed: PreCentral