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BACK FROM THE DEAD (renamed BACK to P2GoogleVoice)!! This FREE unofficial Google Voice communications service application does all the work for you when you want to place a phone call or send a text. A simple one time only setup with your Google Voice™ communications service number, PIN and email credentials and you're good to go. From now on, just select any contact in your address book or use the built-in dial pad. Your Palm's phone will have all your numbers and commands 'pushed' in ready for you to just tap and talk. Recipients will only see your Google Voice™ communications service number - even for text messages.

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No mess, no fuss.... Integrates with your Pre's:


Release: 1.0.3

Release: 1.0.2

Release: 1.0.1 (internal)

Release: 1.0.0

Release: 0.9.2

Release: 0.9.1


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Category: Productivity

Updated: February 9, 2010

Version: 1.0.3

Size: 301k

License: Closed Source

Type: Application

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