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March 23rd Update (0.3.3): Re-enables dashboard, as WebOS 1.4 broke background processing. If you use the patch that runs Brightness Unlinked on boot, and it works running in the background for you because of that patch, you may not want to bother updating. I'm not sure how the dashboard will interfere with that.

Description: This app lets you adjust the brightness of the keyboard and the screen as 2 seperate settings. For example, if you want to be able to turn the brightness on the screen all the way down so that you can use the phone in a dark room, but turn the keyboard brightness up so that you can see what you are typing. It also lets you turn off the screen while the phone is on the touchstone. This is still a work in progress. Read the forum thread for more information on what does/doesn't work at this time. Please donate if you feel like this app is worthwhile. Thanks.

Licensing: This app is free (although donations would be appreciated- I know a number of people mentioned donating at some point).


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Seller: zinge


Category: System Utilities

Updated: March 29, 2010

Version: 0.3.3

Size: 21k

License: Creative Commons, No Derivatives

Type: Application

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