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This small App switches audio output channels (like phone or media) of the Pre to valid devices (like Front Speaker or Bluetooth). Primarily developed for Linphone (alpha), but can be useful for other Apps as well.

For example it can switch Skype to use a Bluetooth headset on webOS 2.2.4, though Skype resets the output channel at each start to the back or front speaker. There is also a disable headset capability for Pre's with a stuck headset entry.

The current version enables smaller steps for volume control. When enabled, a 50% volume slider range corresponds to an volume increment of plus/minus 15 which is about 1.2 regular steps.

The switch settings are not permanent, they do not survive boots and Luna restarts. How long a channel remains switched, depends on the logic of the audio-App (that currently outputs audio). Whether AudioSwitch needs to be started before or after that audio App is a matter of trying. Starting before is a good start.


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Seller: Dick99999


Category: System Utilities

Updated: December 22, 2011

Version: 1.0.0

Size: 62k

License: Public Domain Source

Type: Application

Feed: PreCentral