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PreLoad, developed by WebOS Group, is at the forefront of the Palm Pre homebrew community. When it comes to loading apps, wallpapers, ringtones and sounds there is no better method than PreLoad.

PreLoad is built with the community in mind. It includes simple online search of the WebOSGroup application repository, the PimpMyPre custom content repository as well as endless other feeds and repos of your choosing. It also includes the downloading and installing fo rooted apps with the ipkg service.

By Combining PreLoad with WebOS Groups Pre Update app, your Pre can now host the latest and greatest that the Pre community has to offer, and it will always be up to date with the latest versions of those free apps that you love.

Our Messageboard is frequently used and is a great place to ask questions, provide answers or just hang out and chat. You register one time and the board will auto-update while you're chatting.

With File URL you can download from any URL and also share the link with everyone else on PreLoad.


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Seller: PimpMyPre


Category: Multimedia

Updated: February 9, 2010

Version: 2.4.0

Size: 205k

License: GPL v2 Open Source

Type: Application

Feed: PreCentral