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PokerTimer is a poker tournament timer that keeps track of the blinds/antes and the amount of time left for levels and breaks during a poker tournament. A custom blind and ante structure can be defined for a given tournament and audible alerts, as well as vibrations, will indicate when levels and breaks have expired.

Licensing Conditions PokerTimer is available for free, but cannot be redistributed, and the source code is not open source. Donations are always welcomed and much appreciated. Go HERE to donate.

Installation No special instructions are required. PokerTimer should install fine using the SDK method.

Editing tournament settings:


Setting up a new tournament structure:


Tournament Screen
The Tournament Screen has many options for managing the clock and levels. Below is a description of these:



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Seller: Jim Athanasiou


Category: Entertainment

Updated: February 9, 2010

Version: 0.06.0

Size: 286k

Type: Application

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