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Your gateway to streaming TV for free! Finally a WebOS app the let's you stream TV! Pwnage TV is simply the best way to stream free online TV on your Palm Pre, iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Pwnage TV is a free application and will always be free, no donations needed (but appreciated), no sign up, no hidden costs. The simplicity of Pwnage TV is what makes it the best streaming app, simply open it choose a show, season, and episode and start instantly streaming. We even let you download episodes seamlessly. Full instructions are also included in the app. Features: *Top shows such as South Park and Family Guy *Dedicated host means maximum speeds *Shows added every day *Direct streaming links *Minimal Adds Expect much more shows added in the coming days! Please note this is simply a shortcut to Pwnage TV for the convenience of having it on your menu. I'm just learning to code in WebOS and a full port will be available soon, it's basically the same thing just that it opens in browser.


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Seller: darksniper404


Category: Multimedia

Updated: May 31, 2010

Version: 1.0.0

Size: 11k

License: Creative Commons, No Derivatives

Type: Application

Feed: PreCentral