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SPB TV is an application that allows you watch over 120 channels in more than 20 different languages on your mobile companion. We neither charge anything for the software itself, nor plan to do so when it goes final. Besides, there is no monthly fee, however, there're 12-second long still ads every time you change the channel.

SPB TV for webOS main features:

- Video-on-demand

- Quick channel preview (picture-in-picture)

- Integrated TV guide

- Support for hardware buttons

- Video codec support: MPEG4, H.264

- Audio codec support: AAC+

System requirements: a webOS-based device with OS version 1.3.5 and above. Pre, Pre+, Pixi and Pixi+ should work just fine. Above all you need a fast WiFi or data connection as the typical bandwith consumption of the stream may vary from 200 to 500 kbps. The codec used to compress the video is normally h.264. However, if h.264 stream is not available the video is delivered encoded with MPEG4.

Known issues:

- If a stream wouldn't start after the ad was shown that means the channel wasn't buffered properly. Please, wait or try reloading it.

- The channel list in "Preferences" is shown incorrectly in 400 by 320 mode.

Attention: This application is available for free, but cannot be redistributed, and the source code is not open source.


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Seller: SPB%20Software

Homepage: http://www.webosnation.com/spb-tv-webos

Category: Multimedia

Updated: March 16, 2010

Version: 0.8.2

Size: 705k

License: Closed Source

Type: Application

Feed: PreCentral