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--- Finally available in German & French ---

No time for surfing? You would like to read everything later, even offline? The solution is ReadOnTouch PRO! With ReadOnTouch PRO you have all saved content neatly arranged for later reading on your web-OS-based gadget. With ReadOnTouch PRO everything is made ready for later reading on your webOS-based gadget. Simple in use the app fits all saved web-content for a pleasant later reading experience. If en route to work, or different places without internet connection, once transferred the saved content from your favorite websites follow you with this app wherever you go!

Not convinced yet? The saved articles come without annoying extras: No commercials, no disruptive navigation elements, only the important: The content comes perfectly prepared to your webOS device. Our article-mode was especially created for a perfect reading experience on your webOS gadget. Read fast, efficient and relaxed! Wherever you are! The app is developed continuously with your feedback, send wishes and problems to the contact-email filed under "About". This features are already made for you:

- With active internet connection you can open your saved websites also conventionally in your integrated browser (HP TouchPad), or your external browser
- On Demand you are able to synchronize automaticly in the background with different time intervals
- Add new content via the app itself, or the Advanced Browser (since version 1.2.6 or later build HP TouchPad only), or with a patched standard browser
- Nice content? Share it via facebook, twitter, google+, email or web-OS-messaging with your friends and colleagues

All you need is an account for the free of charge service from Pocket (, former ReadItLater). ReadOnTouch PRO helps you with creating a free of charge account, integrate "ReadItLater" to your favorite browser and you are ready!


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Seller: pattyland


Category: News

Updated: May 26, 2015

Version: 3.0.0

Size: 961k

Compatibility: Not compatible with LuneOS.

Type: Application

Feed: pivotCE