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PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BEFORE DOWNLOADING! With this app you can control your presentation. You will need a server part started on your computer. A tutorial & the download link is located at The app just displays a black screen. When you tap the right side of the screen the presentation will step forward. A click on the left side will go back. The mobile and the computer have to be in the same wifi network. You may use the mobile hotspot to connect them. The app will automatically find the presentation computer and you will be asked if you want to allow the mobile to control the presentation. The server part is written in Java and should run on Linux, Windows and Mac. The app uses zeroconf to find the server and connects to a small http server. You will need to shut down the firewall on your computer to get this working. The app send page-up and page-down for presentation control. This app is meant to be simple!


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Seller: omoco


Category: Other

Updated: November 2, 2014

Version: 1.0.0

Size: 11k

License: GPL

Type: Application

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