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PasswordMaker is a special password manager. In contrast to common password managers none of your passwords is stored. If you need your password, you just edit account parameters of your choice like password length, account url, username, hash algorithm etc and finally a master password.
Depending on the inserted values you will get a individual strong and secure password copied into clipboard which is deleted after usage.
If you manage to keep a system of your parameters in mind, it is possible to handle dozens of accounts without storing data!
To increase comfort it is possible to store the parameters of your accounts - which of course decreases security. So it is your choice how secure or how comfortable you like to handle your passwords.

Several features are supported in this app. You can:

This app includes the Javascript-Code of PasswordMaker. PasswordMaker is available on multiple platforms. So if you don't have your webOS device with you, it might still be possible to get your password on your friends android device.
Though this is a Mojo-app it runs in full screen mode on a HP Touchpad

Please have a look at the Forum, too. There is a lot more explanation how this app is working and what data is stored on your device.


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Updated: July 9, 2015

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