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Ultra8 is a Chip-8 interpreter, with some games included. Chip-8 is a virtual machine created in the 70s to run on home computers based on the RCA1802 CPU. The Chip-8 instruction set includes math operations, basic graphics commands, timers, and a way to make sound. For more information about Chip-8, check out the Chip-8 Wikipedia page.

Ultra8 contains full support for the base Chip-8 instruction set and functionality. Support for the "SuperChip" instruction set (increased resolution, screen scrolling) is partially implemented, and in progress.

I've created this mostly as an exercise in virtual machine implementation. I encourage everyone interested to download this, play with it, and dig around in the source code. If you do not want to extract the code from the .ipk manually, you can download the latest source here:



*Full Chip8 instruction support
*Lots of included sample programs.
*Flicker reduction setting

Features to come

*An on-board assembler to allow users to write programs for Chip8 right on the Palm Pre.
*A way to download Chip8 code from external sources.
*Improved SuperChip functionality.
*Reconfigurable keyboard mappings.


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Homepage: http://www.webosnation.com/ultra8

Category: Games

Updated: February 9, 2010

Version: 0.9.4

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License: MIT License Open Source

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