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Cribbage (herein known as Pribbage) is a 2-player card game. This particular version pits you against my programming skills, anthropomorphized as the computer. The two opponents in cribbage are referred to as the 'dealer' and the 'pone', switching positions with each deal. The object is to accumulate points faster than your opponent up to a target of either 61 or 121 points. Points are awarded for a variety of hands (including combinations of card values totaling 15, runs, flushes, and multiple cards of a given number) both during play and during the showing of the hands. A board is traditionally used to keep track of the score, with pegs being moved along a track of holes. The game has been around since sometime in the 17th century, and is a perennial favorite of pub-goers and PDA/smart-phone users everywhere.

New beta version (0.3.24) available through the homebrew site. This makes more changes to the player stats, and should be backwards compatible (although newer features will not be able to make use of old stats...). I have also added a few tweaks to make it more compatible with webOS 2. Please let me know if there are problems upgrading, etc.


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Category: Games

Updated: November 18, 2010

Version: 0.3.24

Size: 242k

License: GPL v3 Open Source

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