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A quick-access mobile friendly, but unofficial utility to view eMedicine articles from emedicine.medscape.com

**Tip: The articles are best read in landscape mode which provides a larger font** Change log:
v 0.4.0 Added a search option v 0.5.0 Added a clear button v 0.6.0 improved mobile formatting for search results. There is however a line which says "error on line 3 at column 4966: Entity 'nbsp' not defined " in the result page which as far as I can tell is harmless v 0.7.0 locked the main screen in Portrait mode. v 0.8.0 bug fix (Cardiology link not working), Internal web browser view for search results. v 0.8.5 minor UI bug fixes. v 0.8.6 Reverting back to external web browser view as the internal webview is buggy. v 0.9.0 Reinstated the internal webView. Back button takes you back in the internal WebView's history just like the web browser. Back gesture takes you back to the previous application view. v. 0.9.2 Added header and a scrim when loading the webView. v 0.9.3 More bug fixes. Added Clean up code. Changes to the About menu. v. 0.9.4 Uses the official emedicine.medscape.com article list but displays in a larger font. The articles still link to a Google mobilized page but the font is now large enough to be read in Portrait mode. v 0.9.5 error code on Search fixed v 1.0.0 Navigation buttons in article view, an option to forward the article link by email (only the first article selected) v 1.5.0 Fixed a search bug some users were experiencing Someone asked, why is this app free? 1) Knowledge should be freely shared 2) All the articles are provided by eMedicine.com for free so we thank them for this excellent resource 3) This app merely helps you quickly locate and present the articles in a more readable form on your Palm Pre 4) I hopefully get good karma :)


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Homepage: http://www.webosnation.com/emedicine-viewer

Category: Reference

Updated: September 21, 2010

Version: 1.5.0

Size: 58k

License: Creative Commons, No Derivatives

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