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This Synergy plug in syncs tasks from rememberthemilk.com into the Tasks application.

This product uses the Remember The Milk API but is not endorsed or certified by Remember The Milk.

The setup is quite straight forward and self-explanatory, more application details can be found on the wiki page.

In order to finance this and future projects, we would be glad, if you would consider donating any amount to the project.

We also appreciate your feedback, suggestions and proposals for other developments.

According to rememberthemilk.com's branding guidelines we were forced to name this plug in now "Synergy Milk" and to provide a better looking icon.


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Seller: Vince42

Homepage: http://www.webosnation.com/synergy-rtm

Category: Productivity

Updated: February 21, 2013

Version: 0.1.2

Size: 21k

License: GPL v3 Open Source

Type: Application

Feed: PreCentral