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This is an app aimed at users with a limited traffic plan. Netstat consists of two parts, a webOS daemon which collects traffic data; and the app displaying it. So far it just displays the traffic of the current month as can be seen in the screenshot. You can set a traffic limit in the preferences and a day when to reset traffic counters. It is planned to show some nice graphs too, so you can see the traffic history per interface. The app reloads every 5 minutes.
1.1.4: fixed the cellular interface for the Pre 3.
1.1.3: fixed the cellular interface for the Veer.
1.1.2: fixed the cellular interface for the Pre 2.
1.1.0: merged the daemon and the application into a single package.
1.0.11: fixed typo in history-assistant.js
1.0.10: fixed empty json output bug, added conditional db directory lookup to the history assistent
1.0.9: fixed bug in displaying invalid graph, set version number correctly
1.0.8: fixed path bug (same as in netstatd)
1.0.7: added pixi support, added traffic limit feature
1.0.6: Added history function, bugfix: listeners were not properly removed in cleanup()
1.0.5: added reload button to the main screen
added reset button to the preferences screen where you can reset counters manually
added preferences screen where you can configure the start day of the accounting cycle
1.0.4: fixed reload cycle and added delay for error state if daemon seems not to run
1.0.3: removed reload button, it reloads itself now
1.0.2: fixed error message if daemon is not running
fixed about message, now it mentions the daemon, not the service
1.0.1:removed lib directory (unused at the moment)
increased version to 1.0.1
fixed error message if daemon is not running to renamed daemon
fixed copyright msg
1.0.0: initial commit version


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Category: System Utilities

Updated: September 3, 2011

Version: 1.1.4

Size: 29k

License: BSD Open Source License

Type: Application

Feed: WebOS Internals