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Govnah is an application for controlling your CPU performance characteristics. It also displays and graphs the true internal CPU temperature, load averages and memory usage.
1.3.9: Added support for the ondemand-ng Pre 2 kernels.
1.3.8: Add default warthog Pre 3 profile.
1.3.7: Fixed voltage adjustment granularity on Veer and Pre 3.
1.3.6: Fixed voltage adjustment on Veer, Pre 3, TouchPad.
1.3.3: Reverted an incorrect voltage settings change.
1.3.2: Added support for the ondemand-ng TouchPad kernels.
1.3.1: Added support for the ondemand-ng Veer kernels.
1.3.0: Fixed a major bug in profile saving.
1.2.9: Added help text for ondemand-ng parameters.
1.2.8: Added support for ondemandtcl with screenstate (known as ondemand-ng).
1.2.7: Added support for the new Veer 1.4GHz UberKernel.
1.2.6: Added support for the Veer A-4 Skyhawk kernel.
1.2.5: Added support for the Pre 3 UberKernel and Warthog kernel.
1.2.4: Added support for the Pre 3 A-1 Skyraider kernel.
1.2.3: Added support for TouchPad webOS 3.0.4 Warthog kernel.
1.2.2: Added support for TouchPad webOS 3.0.4 F15C and F4 kernels.
1.2.1: Added support for TouchPad webOS 3.0.4 kernel defaults.
1.2.0: Added support for the new TouchPad governors.
1.1.1: Added Veer 1.2GHz support.
1.1.0: Added recognition of the F4 kernel.
1.0.9: Added support for Veer.
1.0.8: Added support for System Voltage frequencies on the Pre/Pre+.
1.0.7: Added support for UberKernel on the Pre 3.
1.0.6: Update for Pre3.
1.0.5: Reinstated screenstate3 1100 profile for UberKernel/Pre2.
1.0.3: Removed the unused screenstate3 150/1100 profile.
1.0.2: Fixed TouchPad exhibition mode graph width.
1.0.1: Improved the sampling rate quantisation.
1.0.0: Full support for all released webOS devices.
0.9.9: Added back button to graph scene for TouchPad.
0.9.8: Robustified the dual core handling on reset.
0.9.7: Fixed back button in preferences scene.
0.9.6: Added dual core support. Removed unimplemented dashboard preference. Removed manual settings preference.
0.9.5: Added profile support for IO schedulers.
0.9.4: Added support for TouchPad overclocking.
0.9.3: Added the missing device stylesheet.
0.9.2: Added back buttons for devices without a gesture area.
0.9.1: Added the Palm Default profile for the TouchPad.
0.9.0: Added support for the TouchPad, using the full screen area. Added CPU high temperature scaleback speed support.
0.8.12: Add battery temperature support for Veer and TouchPad
0.8.8: Added battery current support for the TouchPad.
0.8.6: Added battery current support for the Veer.
0.8.5: Added more detail in the help for various settings.
0.8.3: Small fix in profile for the Pre AV8B experimental kernel and the Pre F102A stable kernel.
0.8.2: Small fix in profile for the Pre 2 SR71 experimental kernel.
0.8.1: Only set new voltages if the user actually changes them.
0.8.0: On settings save, only set those parameters that have been modified by the user.
0.7.30: Updated the units for charger and vdemand polling rates.
0.7.29: Small fix in profile for the Pre 2 F104A experimental kernel.
0.7.28: Updated profiles for the Pre 2 F104A experimental kernel.
0.7.27: Display raw value as well as actual voltage for cpu and system.
0.7.26: Updated default profile for the F104A experimental kernel.
0.7.25: Added support for 10MB, 12MB and 14MB compcache limits.
0.7.24: Added support for 8MB compcache lower limit.
0.7.23: Added support for Pre 2 screenstate in SR71.
0.7.22: Added support for the 1.2GHz Pre 2 SR71 experimental kernel.
0.7.21: Added support for the F102B experimental kernel.
0.7.20: Selects correct default profiles when switching kernels.
0.7.19: Added support for the F14 Tomcat experimental kernel.
0.7.18: Added default profiles for experimental kernels.
0.7.17: Now supports display of experimental kernel versions.
0.7.16: Added the active kernel version to the main scene.
0.7.15: Gracefully handle governors that do not have governor-specific parameters.
0.7.14: More aggressive error reporting.
0.7.13: Display active kernel on the main scene.
0.7.12: Added support for screenstate-v2 governor.
0.7.11: Fixed Profile bug.
0.7.10: Added support for UberKernel System Voltage control.
0.7.9: Added voltage selector scene for CPU Voltage and System Voltage vdemand governor settings.
0.7.8: Added support for the vdemand governor.
0.7.7: Added default profiles for the Pre 2. Updated german translations, courtesy of Markus Leutwyler (swisstomcat) and Frank Adler (Ice8lue).
0.7.6: Updated the UberKernel Default profile.
0.7.5: Added a Changelog button to the Help scene.
0.7.4: Added Generate Support Email option to help scene. Added Disable Profile option to app-menu of profile list. Improved the help text.
0.7.3: Improved the help text.
0.7.2: Improved profile exact matching. Initial help mode implementation.
0.7.1: Reversed the order of the voltage popup, and fixed the profile saving.
0.7.0: Added voltage selection screen, and improved compcache settings handling.
0.6.9: Added more support for the latest cpufreq override module features.
0.6.8: Localization support and added French translations (courtesy of Yannick LE NY).
0.6.7: Added Screenstate 500/1000 default profile for Uber1G.
0.6.6: Added profile support for the voltage selection parameters.
0.6.4: Added profile support for the cpufreq override module.
0.6.3: Initial support for the cpufreq override module.
0.6.1: Rolled up all the 0.5.x alpha releases into a new public release. Major new features include current monitoring, and a revamped Advanced Settings screen now located in the Profiles area.


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Category: System Utilities

Updated: January 3, 2012

Version: 1.3.9

Size: 475k

License: GPL v2 Open Source

Type: Application

Feed: WebOS Internals