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Home Control is an universal remote control application. Currently it supports controlling of many media applications running on a computer and few media center boxes. Support for UPNP devices and many other applications/devices will come in later versions. For current list of features see the wiki page for which you can see the link below.

NOTE: Some features needs a server application as well which you can install with node package manager (npm install hc-server). See the official forum thread and wiki for more information.
0.8.5: Fixed few user interface bugs and added one new extension.
0.8.4: Fixed small bug with UI rotation when used on TouchPad.
0.8.3: Small bug fix and changes for TouchPad user interface.
0.8.2: Fixed the startup server discovery spinner.
0.8.1: Fixed small bug in manual adding of servers.
0.8.0: First public release.


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Seller: sconix

Homepage: http://www.webos-internals.org/wiki/Application:HomeControl

Category: Utilities

Updated: January 8, 2012

Version: 0.8.5

Size: 118k

License: BSD Open Source License

Compatibility: Requires webOS 2.1.0 or later. Not compatible with webOS above 3.9.9.

Type: Application

Feed: WebOS Internals