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Lumberjack watches your logs.
0.5.0: Scene Timing and Email Log.
0.4.5: BetterListSelector and More Options in the AppMenu.
0.4.4: Added swipe-delete to the Retrieve Log scene.
0.4.3: Fixed webOS version check funkyness. Added ability to swipe-delete lines from the Follow Log scene just for Lisa, but everyone else can use it too.
0.4.2: Updates to work with webOS2.0 and the Pre2.
0.4.1: Better Resource Monitor Graphs. Clear log file options.
0.4.0: Added Resource Monitor. Added font size preference. Added a Changelog button to the Help scene.
0.3.1: Exclude logging messages from dbus capture.
0.3.0: Added DBus Capture for debugging services. Type-to-Search in get-log scene. More log level preferences.
0.2.0: Searching and Timestamps.
0.1.1: Cleaned up thread implementation in service.
0.1.0: Initial release.


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Category: System Utilities

Updated: March 26, 2011

Version: 0.5.0

Size: 112k

License: GPL v2 Open Source

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