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Mode Switcher.
2.5.4: Fixed bug in mode executing and trigger processing.
2.5.3: More fixes for modes export/import, should work now.
2.5.2: Fixed modes importing to work on all webOS versions.
2.5.0: Fixed modes exporting on Pre3 and small fix for wireless trigger.
2.4.6: Triggers should now work better and be much more reliable than before.
2.4.2: Fixed typo and wallpaper config for Pre3, re-config wallpapers!
2.4.1: Fixed wireless trigger and added fix for the UI on Pre3.
2.4.0: Fixed a small problem that caused fetching of settings fail on Pre3.
2.3.9: Fixed a normal modes changing bug when triggered at the same time.
2.3.8: Fixed a bug that made settings fetching fail on Veer.
2.3.7: Fixed a bug that caused an error in certain situation.
2.3.6: Fixed calendar event trigger and few other bugs, see wiki for details.
2.3.5: New bluetooth trigger implementation, should now work much better.
2.3.4: Public release of 2.3.x with few bug fixes, see wiki for details.
2.3.3: Fixed bug in applying settings and fine tuned bluetooth trigger.
2.3.2: Fixed couple bugs regarding the service, see wiki for details.
2.3.1: Fixed the security unsecure settings not taking effect.
2.3.0: Many changes and additions to the core functionality, see wiki for details.
2.2.5: Fixed email and messaging settings not working bug.
2.2.4: Fixed two bugs related to mode actions, see wiki for details.
2.2.3: Fixed bug that caused initial configuration to fail on new installs.
2.2.2: Fixed few bugs introduced in 2.2.0 release, see wiki for details.
2.2.1: Fixed extensions name collision bug.
2.2.0: New extensions and features, see wiki for details.
2.1.3: Couple small bug fixes, see wiki for details.
2.1.2: Bug fixes for the application side, see wiki for details.
2.1.1: Removed buggy and unneeded options from mode trigger.
2.1.0: First public release of Mode Switcher 2.x, see wiki for more information.
2.0.9: Small UI change and removed the unneeded trigger blocking setting.
2.0.8: Cleanups for the app and few functional changes, see wiki for details.
2.0.7: Fixed modifier modes getting closed when closing mode bug.
2.0.6: Couple small bug fixes, see wiki for details.
2.0.5: Several bug fixes and few logic fixes, see wiki for details.
2.0.4: Small bug fixes, see wiki for details.
2.0.3: Small bug fix for bluetooth trigger and added new help system.
2.0.2: Bug fix release, fixed service not starting bug.
2.0.1: Bug fix release, see wiki for details.
2.0.0: Initial release.


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Seller: Janne Julkunen


Category: System Utilities

Updated: October 30, 2011

Version: 2.5.4

Size: 156k

License: BSD Open Source License

Compatibility: Requires webOS 2.0.0 or later. Not compatible with webOS above 2.9.9.

Type: Application

Feed: WebOS Internals