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This application will manage and download maps from OpenStreetMap for Navit.

0.0.5-2: Show correct version in appinfo.
0.0.5-1: Add some spinners to indicate action.
0.0.4-1: Use dynamic map-definitions from instead of the old hard-coded ones.
0.0.3-2: Fix viewport on Pre3 (aka make the black bar at the bottom disappear).
0.0.2-3: More improvements in calling Navit.
0.0.2-2: More goodies when calling Navit.
0.0.2-1: We are getting more confident about this application :). New feature: Just-Type support and Navit can now be used as the default application for routing.
0.0.1-2: First release. Consider this to be alpha quality software. It may eat your data etc., so do not use it if you rely on a working Navit.


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Seller: Navit Project


Category: Utilities

Updated: September 25, 2011

Version: 0.0.5-2

Size: 41k

License: GPL

Compatibility: Requires webOS 1.4.5 or later.

Type: Application

Feed: WebOS Internals