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Double-tapping the gesture area (near the round silver button) will bring up the on-screen keyboard if you are in a text input field. Tap with two fingers separated or Double-tap quickly. NOTE: The keyboard takes a couple of seconds to render, be patient. In the Emulator, tap PageUp twice. Double-tap to hide and double-tap to show.

ADD-ONS: Install the KeyBoss and Uinput packages from Preware in order to enable hard key emulation (which will add autocorrect and browser backspace support for example). NOTE: these packages are currently in alpha testing

1.4.x-10: Fix Pixi landscape.
1.4.x-9: Tweak the preview key and key detection logic to make things smoother and more accurate.
1.4.x-7: Fix the re-render going from portrait->landscape->portrait.
1.4.x-6: Render only once per stage on first meta-double-tap, meta-double-tap to close.
Show an alert dialog if config file missing.
Add functionality to repeat key when held.
Add support for hard key emulation on special keys using KeyBoss service.
1.4.x-5: Fixed packaging so that it works again 1.4.0-4 1.4.1-4 1.4.2-4 1.4.3-4 1.4.5-4: Split up theme and patch packages for quicker installation and easier updates for future changes.
1.4.0-1: Port to webOS 1.4.0 and fix undefined bug when tapping theme selector key.
1.3.5-4: Fixed bug causing undefined to be displayed in messaging app.
1.3.5-3: Fixed bug causing problems in memos app.
1.3.1-1: Ported to webos 1.3.1. Had to remove AutoCorrect due to more strict file access via Mojo in 1.3.1.
1.2.1-4: Added AutoCorrect support
1.2.1-1: Expanded and optimized keyboard theming and user interface. Now using default theme made by un_designer.


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Seller: Eric J Gaudet


Category: Mojo

Updated: December 22, 2010

Version: 1.4.5-10

Size: 37k

License: MIT License Open Source

Compatibility: Not compatible with webOS above 1.9.9.

Type: Patch

Feed: WebOS Patches