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rwatkins, malpha, mgmft, gizmo21

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This patch is a combined version of various patches which allow you to share webpages through apps. It is based on work by Thomas Coe, fritos1406, @benyfish, and @semicolonapps.Supports: Neato, Spare Time, Relego, ReadOnTouch PRO/Phone, ReKindleIt!, Facebook (Catalog/Beta), Bad Kitty, Spaz SpEd/Beta/Free, Twee, Tweed, Carbon (official), Quick Post, Tachyon, DataJog (Full/Beta/Trail), MeOrg!, TapNote. Adds gesture commands and separates Share Page into Share Via Email/SMS (SMS share auto-shortens URL). Additionally adds shorten URL, View as Source and Mobilize page. Options shown are configured via the Tweaks application.For more info on the various options, see the corresponding help in the Tweaks app. Update: Fixed Facebook/Spaz Call


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Seller: rwatkins, malpha, mgmft, gizmo21


Category: Browser

Updated: December 18, 2012

Version: 2.2.4-86

Size: 17k

License: MIT License Open Source

Type: Patch

Feed: WebOS Patches