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Beginning patch for porting UC to the touchpad.Features for now:* Sliding pane for an agenda list view and mini month display. List allows searching and swipe to delete. List searches: subject, location, note, icon name, attendees. List follows view's events if linked is on. List caches view's events if linked off. List scrolls to today if contained in the view on the right. Choose to display hidden or all day events in list.* Mini-month allows scrolling to next and previous month or year. (left, right, up, down) or combined try diagonal tapping mini-month will jump.*Jump back button.*Opening view choice of day, week, month or last*Button to show hide search box*Minute Interval picker in edit*date time picker in edit*More reminder times*More event durations*2 Lines for subject in day, week views*2 Lines for location in day, week views*Week Numbers displayed in day, week, month*icons for events displayed*alarm icon displayed*meeting icon displayed for events with attendees*Week Modulo shown in day, week, month views*Stationary All day events in week view (isn't at 0, and doesn't scroll away)*Choose to tap to edit or view from day and week view event taps*Choose to tap to edit or view from agenda event tap*Choose whether to scroll to current time*Tap to move or copy*Google calendar invites enabled*Various Other Interface tweaksPreferences for:*showing search box on start.*showing peek to left pane*showing mini-month*showing week numbers*using ISO Week numbering(first week has the first Thursday)*week Modulo*default minute interval in edit scene*opening view (Last, Day, Week, Month)*start time of day (used for scrolling behavior, so it won't start at 0)*end time of day*tap in view (edit, view)*tap in agenda view (edit, view)*scroll to current time


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Seller: MetaView

Homepage: http://forums.precentral.net/webos-patches/290958-porting-metaviews-ubercalendar-touchpad.html

Category: Calendar

Updated: November 1, 2012

Version: 3.0.5-44

Size: 106k

License: MIT License Open Source

Type: Patch

Feed: WebOS Patches