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***This patch is ONLY compatible with Exchange 2007. For a globally compatible patch, please see 'Replies/Forwards Multi-Mod.'***

This patch modifies the formatting of email replies and forwards sent from your phone so that they mimic the formatting used in Outlook 2007. Changes include:
1) change font size to 11 pt. Calibri, navy
2) replaces the 'John Smith wrote:' text with the 'From', 'Sent', 'To', and 'Subject' language used in Outlook 2007
3) formats email headers to 11 pt. Calibri font
4) uses long form for dates in 'Sent' field (e.g., Wednesday, January 06, 2010 9:26 pm)
5) enables SmartReply, which refrains from reformatting the original text in replies/forwards.


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Seller: jonolee

Category: Email

Updated: October 13, 2010

Version: 1.4.5-1

Size: 12k

License: MIT License Open Source

Type: Patch

Feed: WebOS Patches