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This patch is similar to amjz's in that it allows you to type in Arabic using the hardware keyboard on webOS phones (Pre-, Pre+, Pre2, Veer, Pre3).I am currently using it on my Pre2, Veer, and Pre3 successful. I used to have this installed on my Pre+ but don't have it anymore to test on. The keyboard layout is not the typical Arabic keyboard layout some of you may be familiar with. Instead it is based on an old XP windows keyboard layout by Gyula Zsigri (Arabic for Windows). This is designed to be easy for someone used to English keyboards. So, for example, the &


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Seller: dadueler


Category: Misc

Updated: April 9, 2012

Version: 2.2.4-52

Size: 13k

License: MIT License Open Source

Type: Patch

Feed: WebOS Patches