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XServer is used to display X Windows applications on webOS.
Due to webOS security constraints, this application cannot run directly.
You must use Xecutah to run the XServer and other X Window System applications on webOS.
0.9.7: Add support for right-click as well as show/hide keyboard. Code primarily from elpollodiablo!
0.9.6: Fix Orientation and Tab char support in 3.0.4. Also, add vkb support for control (dismiss) and escape (euro).
0.9.4: Use Meta_L instead of Alt_L for compat.
0.9.3: Added support for starting multiple applications in separate cards.
0.9.2: Move to an event based start.
0.9.1: Added multi-card support.
0.9.0: First public feed release.
0.8.4: Works again on Pre.
0.8.3: Fix rendering regression (see hex-a-hop) introduced in previous release.
0.8.2: Use 32bpp instead of 24bpp, fixes crashes with lxterminal and others.
0.8.1: Add basic RANDR support, fix some keyboard issues.
0.7.6: Add support for bluetooth Control, Alt, and arrow keys. (Alt is 'Symbol' on HP BT keyboard).
0.7.5: Fix timing issue that sometimes results in keymappings not being set.
0.7.4: Add support to change virtual keyboard type (size, or none) with tweaks.
0.7.3: Greatly improved support for touchpad virtual keyboard.
0.7.2: New upstart-based execution architecture to support legacy webOS versions.
0.6.8: Enable sticky modifiers on phone devices.
0.6.7: Force phones to portrait mode.
0.6.6: Initial testing release.


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Category: System Utilities

Updated: January 3, 2012

Version: 0.9.7

Size: 4M

License: GPL v2 Open Source

Type: Application

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