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wTerm is a Enyo PDK/Hybrid Terminal Emulator for the webOS platform.

0.4.0: Performance increases, less CPU usage, scroll-back buffer, automate non-root user setup, add exhibition mode support, limit just-type actions to non-root user, support for some phones, rotation/resize fixes, more escape code support, vkb click sounds, audible bell, paste, new vkb layouts
0.3.5: Store last vkb state in prefs, UTF-8 support, new French keyboard, switch to headless app, add exhibition mode support (defaults to cmatrix)
0.3.4: Security fixes (defaults to non-root user), key repeat, Dvorak and German vkb layouts, just type action, multiple instances/cards, custom exec commands, auto relaunch, rendering improvements, new escape code parser
0.3.3: Fix emacs crash
0.3.2: More keyboard fixes/improvements, use less cpu when screen is not in focus, support multiple cards
0.3.1: VKB changes, better handling of Bt keyboard
0.3.0: Lots of font improvements, lots of new escape codes processed, lots of fixes to broken escape code processing, fix cursor bugs, obey rotation lock, remove debug output for releases
0.2.6: HUGE performance increase
0.2.5: Fixes idle CPU usage, some rendering optimizations, no more bright backgrounds for bold foreground
0.2.4: Portrait mode keyboard and orientation change support, few small bug fixes
0.2.3: Use SDL_Wait instead of SDL_Poll, update term rows/cols when font size changes
0.2.2: Predefined color schemes, font size and colors change on the fly, term size changes properly when vkb is toggled
0.2.1: Customizable colors, new prefs popup, implement DECREQTPARM
0.2.0: Toggle VKB visibility, support box drawing charset (for mc)
0.1.9: Customizable font size, show/hide cursor support, set/clear tab stops
0.1.8: Function keys now work, implement support for insert/delete line, delete characters
0.1.7: Fix the pipe and plus keys
0.1.6: Tinkering
0.1.5: Do better on basic vttest's
0.1.4: Handle some uncaught CSIs
0.1.3: First decent alpha version to play with.


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Seller: Ryan Hope

Homepage: https://github.com/RyanHope/wTerm

Category: System Utilities

Updated: February 10, 2012

Version: 0.4.0-2

Size: 476k

License: GPL v3 Open Source

Compatibility: Requires webOS 2.1 or later.

Type: Application

Feed: WebOS Internals